The Challenge:  Our client, a real estate investor, loaned significant funds on numerous investment projects to a group of real estate developers. 

The Solution:  Initial investigation revealed the developers to be a sham, and we requested and obtained a TRO freezing company assets and preventing conveyance of the investment properties until our client was made whole.

The Result:
  Immediate negotiated settlement with multiple defendants prior to discovery, returning a substantial portion of our client's funds without the need for lengthy litigation.  

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The Opportunistic Seller
The Unfavorable Settlement

:: Prosecution of investor real estate fraud. 

:: Review and preparation of real estate purchase and sale agreements. 

:: Prosecution of broker liability claims. 

:: Municipal law challenges and litigation. 

:: Representation of landlords and tenants in lease negotiations and litigation. 

:: Zoning appeals and litigation. 

:: Documentation of transactions secured by real estate. 

:: Title insurance litigation.

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The Challenge:   We were retained to represent certain partners in a real estate partnership holding over $12 million in real estate assets.  The matter had already settled by the time we became involved,  but the terms were unfavorable to our clients, and certain conditions of settlement substantially devalued the realty conveyed to our client.
The Solution:  Through creative planning, we successfully renegotiated settlement with the opposing party's team of litigation, real estate, and tax attorneys. 

The Result:  Our cclient retained all the real property originally conveyed, and enhanced the value of the realty by negotiating the removal of the burdensome encumbrance on our client's parcel.  

The Challenge:  Shortly into a multi-year lease, a major commercial tenant vacated in one evening its built-to-suit facility, and claimed breach by landlord, our client.

The Solution: After settlement talks failed, we aggressively prosecuted our client's lease claim and vigorously defended the tenant's claim of breach. 

The Result:  $1.25 million trial verdict for client, plus over $200,000 in fees and costs awarded and recovered by our client. 

The Anchor Tenant's Midnight Move 
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The Challenge:  Seller refused to close on multi-million-dollar sale of realty to our client, a real estate developer and home builder.  Seller's justification was a spurious claim of failure to perform by our client, when it was clear that Seller's actual gambit was to cash in on the gain in property value by selling the realty to a third party and a hefty premium.

The Solution:  Immediate suit filed, and intense discovery undertaken, revealing seller's position to be untenable.

The Result:  Prompt settlement in favor of our client.  

The Investor Scam