::   Substantial expertise in drafting, enforcing, avoiding and litigating restrictive covenants and covenants not-to compete on behalf of employers and employees. 

::   Representation before the National Labor Relations Board and other federal and state agencies. 

::  Drafting and review of employment agreements for employers and employees. 

::  Employment law counseling for businesses hiring and firing employees. 

::  Representation of executives and high-level employees in employment disputes.

::  Age, race and sexual harassment defense and prosecution.

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Read About Our Cases - Employment Litigation

The Challenge: Multinational corporation hired international law firm to recover hundreds of thousands in commissions allegedly paid as kickbacks to our client, a former executive of the company. 

The Solution:  Promptly transferred case to federal court and asked court to dismiss case on numerous grounds. 

The Result:   On the strength of the single motion we filed, the corporation agreed to dismiss the suit voluntarily, never file it again, and provided a complete release to our client. 

The Challenge:  Local chapter of carpenter’s union engaged in offensive and obstructive picketing outside the Camelback Corridor's premier Class A office building, disturbing tenants and causing our client, the property owners' association, a serious client-relations headache. 

The Solution:  Filed immediate TRO seeking order enjoining picketers from disturbing tenants, brokered settlement with union’s California counsel prior to first day of hearing, and avoided jurisdiction of NLRB. 

The Result:  Picketers left, tenants went back to work, and property owners' association preserved client relations. 

Union Picketers Interfere with Business
Additional Experience
Publishing Giant Threatens Local Publisher

The Challenge:   A large group of employees under contract with our client left and formed a competing business just blocks away, despite restrictive covenant prohibiting competition. 

The Solution:  Filed immediate TRO against employees and company, obtaining relief, and brokering settlement to enforce terms of employment agreement. 

The Result:  Client protected its investment in its former executives and obtained the benefit of its bargained-for agreement. 

The Challenge:  The largest publisher in the United States hired a team of lawyers from an international law firm to prevent our client from publishing its magazine, alleging violation of a covenant not to compete. 

The Solution: 
Creative and spirited defense through three days of TRO hearing, expedited discovery and motion practice. 

The Result: 
Read our client’s magazine, available in newsstands now. 

Former Executive Charged with Ethical Breach
High-Level Executives Breach Restrictive Covenant